Easy money sharing referral fees.

At Rent&Refer.com, we connect current residents at rental properties to incoming residents – and they share the referral money. Everybody wins.

How it Works

Many rental properties offer referral fees to their residents. But the problem is, you have to know the people moving in to take advantage of it. That's where we come in. With RentandRefer.com, current residents can see who's moving in – and incoming residents can see who already lives there. Then, the current resident offers the incoming resident a share of the referral fee in exchange for selecting them as the referring resident. And they both make money.

A Step-by-Step Guide:

To get started, simply search for your property. If your property is not yet listed, you can easily add it here.

  • When an incoming resident signs up, current residents at that property are notified and can submit an offer (a share of the referral fee).
  • The incoming resident accepts and agrees to an offer (a share amount).
  • The incoming resident mentions the current resident (by name) as the referrer to the leasing agent. IMPORTANT: This step is very important and must be done prior to signing the lease.
  • The incoming resident then signs the lease and submits their lease details to RentandRefer.com.
  • The current resident receives the referral fee payment from the property and pays the agreed-upon share to the incoming resident on Rentandrefer.com via PayPal ©.
  • The incoming resident then reviews and rates the current resident.
  • Congrats. You both just made some easy money.

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