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We connect current residents at rental properties to incoming residents (the move-ins).
We make the connection — You share the referral money. It's that simple.

Connect with residents, share referrals

Extra money with minimal effort

With RentandRefer.com, you can earn a big payout with just a few clicks. It's the easiest way to actually make money through rental referrals. Just sign up, make or accept an offer, and share some dough. Nice, huh?

Online or on your phone

You can start sharing referral money in minutes. Try it from your computer, phone, or tablet. Just search for a property to get started, connect with a current or incoming resident, and make a deal!

Everybody wins

Not only do current residents make money on RentandRefer.com - Incoming residents make money too for selecting a current resident as their referral source. It's a beautiful circle of rental karma... and referral money.

Moving to a new apartment?

Why not make a little extra cash just for moving in? Be sure to check out RentandRefer.com before you sign your lease. The hardest part is deciding what to spend your extra money on.

LAUNCH SPECIAL: Pay no Rent&Refer fees on any referral offers made now thru June 2016.

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